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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Chris Holdsworth
OpenGL Fractal renderer. Currently only renders the Mandelbrot set, but can extened to other fractals.
Doesn't play well with xmonad - use on the floating layer.

Arrow keys - Movement
+/- - Zoom in/out
a/s - Alter colouring gradient
f - Toggle colouring method
</> - Decrease/increase number of iterations
in escape algorithm.
p - Print a hi-res image of the current location
in the working direction
o - Print current location to console

Left Mouse - Centre
Right Mouse - Centre and zoom
Mouse Wheel - Zoom

Can exploit multiple cores - Use hfractal [opts] +RTS -N{cores} to enable this.

On linux the following libraries may be required: [libjpeg8, libpng, libgd2-xpm-dev]
On windows the glut32.dll is required
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