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BSD3 licensed by Vanessa McHale
Maintained by vamchale@gmail.com

HGIS (aichgis)


This is a library and command-line tool for GIS.

Currently, it generates maps and computes perimters, areas, and compactness. You can use it to look at your congressional district for evidence of gerrymandering.


hgis is best installed with stack. Try

stack install hgis


stack install hgis --flag hgis:-cairo

to install with bindings cairo library, which will enable outputs as PNGs.

You can also clone this repository and type stack build if you want to start hacking.



From the command line, type

hgis map --output OUTPUT.svg FILE.shp

to read a shapefile and write an svg.

You can use e.g.

hgis map --output OUTPUT.svg --projection bonne FILE.shp

to force the use of the Bonne projection.




Haddock documentation can be accessed through hackage.

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