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BSD3 licensed by Brent Yorgey
Maintained by byorgey@gmail.com

This package provides an executable which reads from stdin and outputs the same thing to stdout, except that any lines which look like package identifiers (e.g. foo-0.3.2) are highlighted: red if the version is less than the version on Hackage, green if equal, or cyan if greater. In addition, when the versions are unequal the Hackage version is shown in blue.

In particular, it can be useful to pipe the output of cabal(-dev) install --dry-run through this program, to aid in checking the install plan. It's usually a good idea to understand why an outdated package is being installed; otherwise it can indicate that something needs to be updated.

PLEASE NOTE that highlight-versions does not actually consult Hackage, but rather your local index of Hackage cached by cabal. You must call 'cabal update' to be sure that highlight-versions has access to the latest information about package versions on Hackage.


* 2 May 2016

- Allow Cabal-1.24

* 25 February 2015

- Allow Cabal-1.22

* 3 May 2014

- Allow Cabal-1.20

* 12 November 2013

- Allow Cabal-1.18

* 0.1.3: 21 February 2013

- Highlight packages which match the latest version in green,
so there is some positive feedback when everything is OK
instead of just lack of negative feedback.

* 24 January 2013

- Allow ansi-terminal-0.6

* 10 December 2012

- Require hackage-db 1.4 to get workaround for tar bug
(see https://github.com/peti/hackage-db/commit/21a7cc)

* 22 November 2012

- Bump hackage-db dependency to allow 1.4

* 31 August 2012

- Ignore whitespace at the start of each line
- Bump Cabal dependency

* 25 August 2012

- Highlight package identifiers even if more stuff comes after them
on the same line

* 25 August 2012

Initial release
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