Library and tools to manipulate the Ogg container format http://www.kfish.org/software/hogg/

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BSD3 licensed by Conrad Parker
Maintained by Conrad Parker
HOgg -- Ogg encapsulation stuffz

- Cabal (tested with various version from 1.1.3 to 1.6.0)

- Data.ByteString, included with GHC >= 6.6, and available separately
for GHC 6.4 at:
http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~dons/fps.html (version 0.7 or greater)

If building on Debian GNU/Linux:
$ apt-get install ghc6 libghc6-mtl-dev libghc6-hunit-dev
$ apt-get install libghc6-cabal-dev # not needed for Debian unstable

- HTTP1 with lazy bytestring support, from:
To configure with HTTP support, first install the above library, then
go install through Cabal, but run configure like

$ runhaskell Setup configure --flags="http"


This package is configured by default to build with GHC 6.8.

If you are building with GHC 6.6, you need to follow the usual Cabal
setup but run configure like:

$ runhaskell Setup configure --flags="-splitBase"

If you are building with GHC 6.4, you will need to edit hogg.cabal
by adding 'fps' to the Build-Depends line and probably remove the Cabal
conditionals. You should consider upgrading to a more recent GHC.

Once configured, the following procedure will build hogg:

$ chmod +x Setup.hs
$ ./Setup.hs configure
$ ./Setup.hs build
$ ./Setup.hs install

General help (lists subcommands):

hogg help

Help on a subcommand:

hogg help <subcommand>

Info about the various tracks of one or more files:

hogg info file1.ogg file2.ogg ...

Dump packets of an Ogg file:

hogg dump file1.ogg file2.ogg ...

Dump pages of an Ogg file

hogg pagedump file1.ogg file2.ogg ...

Dump vorbis (theora, speex) packets

hogg dump -c vorbis file.ogg ...
hogg pagedump -c vorbis file.ogg ...
hogg dumpraw -c vorbis file.ogg ...

Chop out part of a file

hogg chop --start 01:10 --end 2:30 -o output.ogg file.ogg


merge pages from many input files and produce a single output file:

hogg merge -o output.ogg file1.ogg file2.ogg file3.ogg ...

Checking stuff works:

Rewrite a file (parse pages, rewrite page data):

hogg rip file.ogg > newfile.ogg
diff file.ogg newfile.ogg

Repacket a file (parse to packets, rewrite with original segmentation):

hogg reconstruct file.ogg > newfile.ogg
diff file.ogg newfile.ogg
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