Abstraction over creating network connections with SOCKS5 and TLS https://github.com/glguy/irc-core

Latest on Hackage:0.2

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ISC licensed by Eric Mertens
Maintained by emertens@gmail.com

This package provides an abstraction for communicating with line-oriented network services while abstracting over the use of SOCKS5 and TLS (via OpenSSL)


Revision history for hookup

0.2 – 2017-11-22

  • Allow connection parameters to specify address family with cpFamily field – 2017-05-13

  • Better error message for old openssl version
  • Nicer displayedExceptions
  • Dropped unused template-haskell dependency
  • More haddock comments – 2016-10-05

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.
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