Hopfield Networks, Boltzmann Machines and Clusters https://github.com/imperialhopfield/hopfield

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MIT licensed by Mihaela Rosca, Lukasz Severyn, Niklas Hambuechen, Razvan Marinescu, Wael Al Jisihi
Maintained by Niklas Hambuechen

Attractor Neural Networks for Modelling Associative Memory

Report: https://github.com/imperialhopfield/hopfield/raw/master/report/report.pdf

A third year group project at Imperial College London, supervised by Prof. Abbas Edalat.

This projects implements:

  • Hopfield Networks

  • Clusters and Super Attractors

  • The Restricted Boltzmann Machine

  • A Boltzmann Machine for classification

and comes with a range of experiments to evaluate their properties.

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