Haskell Open Sound Control Utilities

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GPL licensed by Rohan Drape
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utilities related to [hosc][hosc] and [hosc-json][hosc-json]. to build type:

$ cd hs; make prefix=~/opt all install

`hosc-json-cat` reads [JSON][json] representations of [OSC][osc]
packets from `stdin`, one per line, and forwards them in binary form
to a UDP port (ie. [scsynth][sc3]).

$ echo '["/c_set",0,440]' | hosc-json-cat -h -p 57110

`hosc-json-cgi` reads a JSON OSC packet at the query parameter `j` and
forwards over UDP.


`hosc-json-console` is a [readline][haskeline] variant of
`hosc-json-cat`, supporting history and line editing etc. It reads
JSON OSC packets from `stdin`, one per line, and forwards them over
UDP. (ie. `scsynth`).

`hosc-json-nrt` reads an [SC3][sc3] non-realtime score, which is a
sequence of length prefixed OSC bundles, and prints the JSON
representation of each element to `stdout`.

$ hosc-json-nrt ~/uc/see-hearer-clearer/osc/shc-C.osc | less

`hosc-json-ws` is a [websocket][ws] server that forwards incoming JSON OSC
packets at a specified `ws:` port (`-w`) to a UDP port (`-p`). There
are test sources ([Chrome][chrome]\ 11.0.696.57) at:

- [01.html](sw/hosc-utils/html/json-ws.01.html) - plain text
- [02.html](sw/hosc-utils/html/json-ws.02.html) - mouse co-ordinates
- [03.svg](sw/hosc-utils/svg/json-ws.03.svg) - UGen graph (drawing)
- [04.html](sw/hosc-utils/html/json-ws.04.html) - UGen graph (text)


© rd, 2011-2013, [gpl]

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