Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module. http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Hp2any

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BSD3 licensed by Patai Gergely
Maintained by Patai Gergely (patai.gergely@gmail.com)

This package contains two utilities: a grapher that can display heap profiles in real time both for local and remote processes, and a relay application the grapher connects to in the latter case. Additionally, the graphing capability is exposed to other programs as well in the form of a library module.

To avoid the need for OpenGL on the server side, the package can be built with the ServerOnly flag:

cabal install --flags=serveronly

Changes - 140723
* fixed possible crash caused by unhandled exceptions from canonicalizePath - 140615
* introduced the ServerOnly compilation flag to avoid unnecessary dependency
on OpenGL and GLUT in a server environment

0.5.4 - 130304
* fixed compilation with ghc-7.6 by Daniel Seidel and Sönke Hahn

0.5.3 - 110413
* updated for the latest parseargs
* cleaned up warnings

0.5.2 - 091121
* updated for the latest OpenGL

0.5.1 - 090812
* adjusted path handling code to be more robust (so it works on
Windows too)

0.5.0 - 090811
* made GraphData abstract (the users don't need its internals)
* switched to GLUT
* removed no-grapher flag
* added a simple test example

0.4.1 - 090809
* added no-grapher flag to cabal due to GLFW breakage

0.4.0 - 090802
* unified some functions by introducing the graph mode type

0.3.0 - 090729
* can handle the case when the executable doesn't create a .hp file or
doesn't even start

0.2.0 - 090717
* factored OpenGL graphing capabilities into a library

0.1.0 - 090629
* added a basic relay server
* added remote profiling capability to the grapher

0.0.0 - 090613
* first public version featuring separate and cumulative graphs as
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