A utility to visualise and compare heap profiles. http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Hp2any

Latest on Hackage:0.4.6

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BSD3 licensed by Patai Gergely
Maintained by Patai Gergely (patai.gergely@gmail.com)
The hp2any history manager

The history manager is a simple application that can display heap
profiles of Haskell programs. Graphs are arranged like in a tiling
window manager. The main window is divided into columns, and each
column can hold several graphs. New columns can be added with the +
button on the right hand side, while each column can be closed with
its respective Close button at the top.

Heap profiles can be loaded by clicking the Open button at the bottom
of the column we want them to appear in. The open dialog has
multi-selection enabled. If more than one .hp file is selected, all of
them will be loaded in the same column.

Each graph has a header with some buttons. The first button brings up
a menu with some viewing options, the second and third can be used to
move the graph to neighbouring columns, and the last one closes the
file. Graphs can be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel, and
navigated using the scroll bar below them. The view is automatically
zoomed to fit the highest point of the graph section shown. The actual
coordinates are shown on a tooltip.

Besides the graph, every profile window shows a list of cost
centres. The list can be reordered according to the total cost by
clicking on the header of the second column. As the mouse moves over
the graph, the corresponding item is highlighted in the list.


0.4.6 - 130304
* various improvements by Sönke Hahn

0.4.5 - 110414
* added ability to load files specified as command line arguments

0.4.4 - 110413
* got rid of impredicative types (using unsafeCoerce...)
* cleaned up warnings

0.4.3 - 100315
* fixed a compilation error

0.4.2 - 090814
* added homepage, updated readme

0.4.1 - 090811
* removed text rendering functions
* modified loadWidget to return query function (needs extensions)

0.4.0 - 090804
* added zooming and panning
* added coordinate (time and cost) display

0.3.0 - 090802
* added cost centre lists with hover indication
* added graph mode switching

0.2.0 - 090721
* improved loading: progress bar and ability to cancel

0.1.0 - 090717
* first release featuring bulk loading and visual rearrangement
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