A Cricket scoring application.

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BSD3 licensed by Anthony Simpson
This is not a cricket game. Hricket is a scoring application that will save you from having to draw up a Cricket
scorecard if you don't have a chalkboard, or just don't feel like getting chalk on your hands. ;)

It supports two players, and will likely never support more. The bullseye is represented as the number '25'. This was
done to avoid unnecessary complexity, and might change in future versions, but for now, the bullseye is 25. When you hit
a bullseye, you enter 25, and not bullseye or b. If you try to enter those, it will tell it that it's invalid and have
you try again.

The recommended way to use this application, is to begin by opening it up and entering the names of both players. You'll
then want player 1 to throw 3 darts. Enter each dart into the application one at a time. You'll type the number you hit
on the board, a single space, and the number of markings. For instance, if you hit the number 16 in the treble, you
would enter '16 3'. If you hit 20 in the single you would enter '20 1'. For numbers lower than 15, which are not used in
standard Cricket games, enter 0. If didn't hit any relevant numbers, you can type 'skip' (or 's' since 0.5) to skip the rest of your turn. You can also do this even if you got one relevant number. When all numbers are opened/closed by one of the players, that player's score will be ran against the
other players score, and if it's higher, that player will be declared the winner. Otherwise, the other player wins.

You are expected to know how to play Cricket before using this application. This is not a Cricket tutorial, and the
application will not teach you to play Cricket.

I might wrap a simple GUI around this application in the future.

I made this application our of necessity and boredom. Enjoy.
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