Binding to GUI library FLTK http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/ekarttun/hs-fltk/

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BSD3 licensed by Einar Karttunen
Maintained by Einar Karttunen
Haskell interface to the FLTK window toolkit

* Built using Cabal with hacks.
* For more information about FLTK see www.fltk.org
* Porting to windows should be possible, but I don't have the resources to do it.


* A very recent version of Cabal is needed
* 17.11. support for C-Sources in subdirs
* 6.12. Extra-Lib-Dirs support - not necessary on all platforms.
* Works with both GHC 6.2 and the CVS version of GHC.
* FLTK 1.1 headers and library
* No direct dependency on libstdc++ although libfltk does depend on it.
This is to avoid issues with linkers doing nasty things.


* Download and unpack.
* Build and install through Cabal as for other Haskell packages:

runhaskell Setup configure --user --prefix=$HOME
runhaskell Setup build
runhaskell Setup install --user

(You may want to remove the --user flag when installing as root.)

* see example/
* library errors are most likely due to missing symlinks
e.g. libfltk.so -> libfltk.so.1, if someone knows how to fix this
with Cabal please tell.


* GHCI support is broken due to GHC not supporting weak (W) symbols properly.
* The Hugs Debian package is not usable.

For more information contact:
Einar Karttunen <ekarttun at cs helsinki fi>

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