Bindings to C pipe functions. https://github.com/deech/hs-popen#readme

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BSD3 licensed by Aditya Siram
* Description
This is a tiny set of _portable_ bindings to ~popen~, ~pclose~, and ~fileno~.
This project exists because I was trying to bind to C functions that read/write
streams and require a raw file descriptors and nothing I found on Hackage or in
~base~ allowed me to work with raw file descriptors portably across Posix and

The ~base~ libraries do provide portable ~Handle~'s which work well if all
stream processing is done within Haskell. However it turned out to be quite
difficult to portably get and set a raw file descriptor from a ~Handle~.
~System.Posix~ does provide this functionality but it does not work on Windows.
* Installation
Simply doing ~stack install~ should work.
* Demo
To help you get started this project ships with an executable ~ls-example~
which simply lists the files in the current directory.
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