Backend for uploading benchmark data to Google Fusion Tables.

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BSD3 licensed by Ryan Newton
Maintained by rrnewton@gmail.com

Google Fusion tables are a type of Google Doc that resembles a SQL database more than a spreadsheet. They have a web interface and permissions model similar to toher google docs. More information can be found at: https://support.google.com/fusiontables/answer/2571232?hl=en

This package provides both a library, which provides a plugin for use with custom HSBencher harnesses, as well as executables for uploading already existing benchmark data (from Criterion or an earlier HSBencher run) to the fusion table.


  • (0.3) Added RETRIES field to the core schema.

  • (0.3.3) Jump to new versions of handa-gdata, network, and http-conduit

  • (0.3.5) Add findTableIdmakeTableensureColumns

  • (0.3.6) --variant command line argument for criterion uploader

  • (0.3.7) Routines for bulk-upload of rows.

  • (0.3.8) Add --threads to hsbencher-fusion-upload-criterion

  • (0.3.9) Change type of uploadRows

  • (0.3.10) Add -o to hsbencher-fusion-upload-csv

  • (0.3.11) Add --matchserver to hsbencher-fusion-upload-csv

  • (0.3.12) Add --runflags to hsbencher-fusion-upload-criterion

  • (0.3.13) Fix problem with blank lines.

  • (0.3.14) Bugfix #80

  • (0.3.15) add --custom to hsbencher-fusion-upload-criterion

  • ( ghc 7.10.1 support

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