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GPL licensed by Rohan Drape
Maintained by rd@slavepianos.org
hsc3 - haskell supercollider

[hsc3][hsc3] provides `Sound.SC3`, a module for using [Haskell][hs] as
a client to the [SuperCollider][sc3] synthesis server. hsc3 requires

For installation and configuration information see the
[tutorial][tutorial] at [hsc3-texts][hsc3-texts].

There are a number of related projects:

- [hsc3-dot](?t=hsc3-dot): UGen Graph Drawing
- [hsc3-graphs](?t=hsc3-graphs): UGen Graphs
- [hsc3-lang](?t=hsc3-lang): SC3 Language
- [hsc3-cairo](?t=hsc3-cairo) & [hsc3-plot](?t=hsc3-plot): Drawing & Plotting
- [hsc3-rec](?t=hsc3-rec) & [hsc3-unsafe](?t=hsc3-rec): UGen Variants
- [hsc3-db](?t=hsc3-db): UGen Database
- [hsc3-rw](?t=hsc3-rw): UGen Graph Re-writing
- [hsc3-forth](?t=hsc3-forth): FORTH SuperCollider
- [hsc3-lisp](?t=hsc3-lisp): LISP SuperCollider

The hsc3 interaction environment ([hsc3.el](?t=hsc3&e=emacs/hsc3.el))
is written for [GNU][gnu] [Emacs][emacs].

## cli


© [rohan drape][rd] and others, 2005-2017, [gpl][gpl].
with contributions by:

- henning thielemann
- stefan kersten
- alex mclean
- brent yorgey
- shae erisson

see the [darcs][darcs] [history](?t=hsc3&q=history) for details

initial announcement:

[rd]: http://rd.slavepianos.org/
[hsc3]: http://rd.slavepianos.org/?t=hsc3
[hs]: http://haskell.org/
[sc3]: http://audiosynth.com/
[tutorial]: http://rd.slavepianos.org/?t=hsc3-texts&e=lhs/hsc3-tutorial.lhs
[hsc3-texts]: http://rd.slavepianos.org/?t=hsc3-texts
[gnu]: http://gnu.org/
[emacs]: http://gnu.org/software/emacs/
[darcs]: http://darcs.net/
[gpl]: http://gnu.org/copyleft/
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