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GPL licensed by Rohan Drape
Maintained by rd@slavepianos.org

`HSC3-FORTH` is a simple [FORTH][forth] interpreter.

The only data type is the [SUPERCOLLIDER][sc3] `UNIT GENERATOR`.

A FORTH answer to the eternal question,
[WHY SUPERCOLLIDER?](sw/hsc3-graphs/html/why-supercollider.scd.html)

: RVB 5 0 DO 0.05 0 0.05 RAND.IR 2 CLONE 1 ALLPASSN LOOP ; 0.2 DUST.AR
50 * 200 3200 RAND.IR 0.003 RESONZ 10 CLONE MIX DUP 0.046 0.048 DELAYN
0.1 0 0.1 RAND.IR LFNOISE1.KR 0.04 * 0.05 + 15 COMBL 7 CLONE MIX RVB
0.2 * + PLAY


[img]: sw/hsc3-graphs/svg/why-supercollider.svg

There is an HSC3-FORTH [EMACS][emacs] mode, a derivative of [FORTH-MODE][gforth].

There is an OSX (10.9.3) binary ([hsc3-forth](sw/hsc3-forth/osx/hsc3-forth.xz).[xz](http://tukaani.org/xz/)),
or to build type:

cd hs ; prefix=~/opt make install

An environment variable locates the HSC3-FORTH library files:

export HSC3_FORTH_DIR=$HOME/sw/hsc3-forth/fs

To hear the above type `C-cC-r` in EMACS, or in a shell type:

hsc3-forth < ~/sw/hsc3-graphs/gr/why-supercollider.fs

To quieten there is the word `STOP`.

There is a [TUTORIAL](?t=hsc3-forth&e=help/tutorial.fs), and
[TRANSLATIONS](?t=hsc3-forth&e=help/jmcc.fs) of graphs by [JAMES
MCCARTNEY](http://audiosynth.com/autobio/emu.jpg) from the `SC2`

HSC3-FORTH is `CASE-INSENSITIVE`, in EMACS you can type `C-xC-l` to
time travel.

It follows the [HASKELL][hs] SUPERCOLLIDER ([HSC3][hsc3]) rules.

It thinks `scsynth` is listening at the standard port (57110).

It is very partial, it is known to work as far as the translated
graphs at [HSC3-GRAPHS](?t=hsc3-graphs), search for `FS` in the

HSC3-FORTH is for [FORTH IMPACT](http://forthimpact.bandcamp.com/).

([AG](http://www.alexandergarsden.com/) and [SD](http://www.samueldunscombe.com/)

© [RD][rd], 2014, [gpl][gpl].

[rd]: http://rd.slavepianos.org/
[hsc3]: ?t=hsc3
[hs]: http://haskell.org/
[sc3]: http://audiosynth.com/
[forth]: http://www.forth.org/
[gpl]: http://gnu.org/copyleft/
[gforth]: http://www.gnu.org/software/gforth/
[emacs]: http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/
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