Haskell SuperCollider Graphs

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GPL licensed by Rohan Drape
Maintained by

[haskell][hs] [supercollider][sc3] ([hsc3][hsc3]) graphs

[hsc3-graphs][gr] is a [collection][gr-ix] of illustrative unit
generator graphs for hsc3.

Graphs credits are on the first line of each file, and are courtesy:

- James McCartney ([jmcc][sc3], 92)
- Rohan Drape ([rd][rd], 70)
- Fredrik Olofsson ([f0][f0], 25)
- Julian Rohrhuber ([jrhb][jrhb], 7)
- Jonatan Liljedahl ([jl][jl], 6)
- Nathaniel Virgo ([nv][nv], 4)
- Alberto De Campo ([adc][adc], 3)
- Nick Collins ([nc][nc], 3)
- Alex McLean ([am][am], 1)
- Andrea Valle ([av][av], 1)
- Jacob Joaquin ([jj][jj], 1)
- Josh Parmenter ([jp][jp], 1)
- Juan A. Romero ([jar][jar], 1)
- Lance J. Putnam ([ljp][ljp], 1)
- Ryan Brown ([rb][rb], 1)
- Sam Pluta ([sp][sp], 1)
- Till Bovermann ([tb][tb], 1)
- Thor Magnusson ([tm][tm], 1)

In most cases the `sclang` variants have been re-written prior to
transliteration to haskell.

The graphs can be compiled into a library by typing `make mk-lib` and
built by typing `cabal install`.

There is a `Makefile` at `gr`, type `make dep; make all`.


- cabal install hscolour
- cabal install she

[gr-ix]: ?t=hsc3-graphs&e=md/


© [rohan drape][rd] and others, 2006-2014, [gpl]

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