Haskell bindings to IIDC1394 cameras, via Camwire

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LGPL licensed by Frederick Ross
Maintained by fred.ross@epfl.ch
hscamwire, A binding to IIDC1394 cameras for Haskell
by Frederick Ross, fred dot ross at epfl dot ch


IIDC1394 is a standard for industrial and scientific cameras. Except for certain specialized features of a few new cameras, or exotic types like EM-CCDs, it defines most of what anyone would want to use from their camera. This is a layer on top of Camwire, which is a layer on top of libdc1394, which is a layer on top of Linux's IEEE 1394 subsystem (so this library only works on Linux).

Camwire is currently in a state of flux as its developer upgrades to the new major release of libdc1394. For the moment, I am including an earlier build, 0.8.1, with a Makefile, in the `clib/` subdirectory of hscamwire. If you have a v1.x release of libdc1394 installed in `/usr`, then it should compile with

make install

hscamwire gives a Haskell-idiomatic binding to Camwire, including importing its buffers as Haskell StorableArrays. It doesn't yet support all the various color formats, just 16-bit monochrome, but it should be almost trivial to add the appropriate bindings. If you have a mode you particularly need, email me and I'll add it.

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