cassandra database interface https://github.com/necrobious/hscassandra

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BSD3 licensed by Kirk Peterson
#### Connecting
Connecting to cassandra is done with the withCassandra function, which takes a CassandraConfig instance, and a callback function.

withCassandra initConfig{cassandraKeyspace="MyApplication"} (do

#### Inserting
Inserts are done via the _insert_ function, taking A Column Family string name, a Key, and a a list of columns to add.

insert "Users" "kirk@glyphsoftware.com"
[ "fn" =: "Kirk"
, "ln" =: "Peterson"
, "address" =| ["street" =: "2020 NE Going", "city"=:"Portland", "state" =: "OR"]
, "gender" =: "M"

#### Retrieving
you can then pull the data back out via the _get_ function.

get "Users" "kirk@glyphsoftware.com" AllColumns

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