A FFI binding to libsvm.

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BSD3 licensed by Stephan Günther
Maintained by Stephan Günther <gnn dot github at gmail dot com>


This is the README file to hslibsvm, a haskell binding to

"LIBSVM -- A Library for Support Vector Machines"

which is obtainable through its website:

== License

The library is itself written in C++ with its interface exposed via C.
You need to have the library installed for this binding to be install work
LibSVM and this binding are licensed under the BSD 3 clause license.
You should have received a file named LICENSE along with this source code.
All the code contained in this bundle is licensed under the license
conatained in that file.

== Version

This is hslibsvm version
If hslibsvm has the version (*).X.Y, this means that (*) mirrors the
version of LibSVM this binding corresponds to while X and Y give
information about hslibsvm. Changes in Y correspond to added functionality,
documentation updates and generally backwards compatible changes.
Changes in X generally correspond to interface changes which might break
compatibility with erlier versions.

== Installation

You need LibSVM 2.88 or 2.89 installed to use this binding.

Mac OS X Tiger: On Mac OS X Tiger this binding has been tested and found
working fine with the MacPorts version of LibSVM.

Windows: On windows things are a little bit trickier and have only been
tested with Cygwin and MinGW/MSys. First you need to download and unpack
LibSVM. After that use the Cygwin/MSys shell to change to the directory
of the unpacked files and type 'make'. This should generate a file svm.o.
Now type 'ar rc libsvm.a svm.o && ranlib libsvm.a', which should generate
the file libsvm.a.
Now copy that file to a location where you can find it (*nix standard would
be /usr/local/lib and copy svm.h to a path where you can find it to (*nix
standard would be /usr/local/include). Or just leave the files where they
are, if you don't mind keeping the directory where you unarchived LibSVM
After doing this you should be able to install hslibsvm with the command:

cabal install \
--extra-include-dirs=path-to-svm.h \

Note that for Cygwin you need to specify the paths as absolute windows
paths with a leading drive letter.

Linux: You're on your own here. Sorry.

== Bugs, Suggestions, Stuff...

If you find any bugs or you have any suggestions contact me at
gnn dot github at gmail dot com.
This is my first cabal package so if I made any errors I definitely
would like to know them so I can correct them and learn from them.
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