MIT licensed by Albert Krewinkel
Maintained by [email protected]
This version can be pinned in stack with:hslua-module-system-1.1.1@sha256:92fcb6800868352561051f47407effc796a14e7c1ed6571440cd820b999763f4,3074

Module documentation for 1.1.1

Provides access to system information and functionality to Lua scripts via Haskell's System module.

This package is part of HsLua, a Haskell framework built around the embeddable scripting language Lua.



hslua-module-system uses PVP Versioning.


Released 2024-01-18.

  • Relaxed upper bound for text, allowing text-2.1.


Released 2023-03-26.

  • Improve doc strings.


  • Update to hslua-2.3; this includes the addition of type initializers to the module and type specifiers to the fields.


Released 2023-02-14.

  • Added new function cputime and field cputime_precision, e.g. for benchmarking.


Released 2022-02-19.

  • Adjusted package bounds, for hslua-core and hslua-packaging.


Released 2022-01-29.

  • Relaxed upper bound of hslua-core, hslua-marshalling, and hslua-packaging, allowing their respective version 2.1.


Released 2021-10-21.

  • Use hslua 2.0.


Released 2020-10-16.

  • Relaxed upper bound for hslua, allow hslua-1.3.*.


Released 2020-08-15.

  • Relaxed upper bound for hslua, allow hslua-1.2.*.
  • Improved documentation of internal types.
  • Use tasty-lua for unit tests.
  • Update CI to test with all GHC versions.


Released 2019-05-04.

  • Use module helpers made available with HsLua 1.0.3. This avoids code duplication when used with other hslua modules.


Released 2019-05-01.

All fields and functions are now exported from the Haskell module under the same name as that used in Lua.

New fields

  • arch: processor architecture.
  • compiler_name: Haskell compiler that was used to compile the module.
  • compiler_version: version of the compiler.
  • os: operating system.

New functions

  • mkdir: create a new directory.
  • rmdir: remove a directory.
  • with_env: perform action with custom environment.
  • with_wd: perform action in another directory.

Removed or renamed functions

  • currentdir was renamed to getwd.
  • chdir was renamed to setwd.
  • pwd was removed.


  • Fix typos and copy-paste errors in docs, tests.


Released 2019-04-26.

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.