Document and test laws for standard type classes

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MIT licensed and maintained by Simon Hengel
# Reusable specifications
(similar in spirit to [checkers](http://hackage.haskell.org/package/checkers))

## Check Monoid laws

`shouldSatisfyMonoidLaws` can be used to specify, that a given type should
satisfy the Monoid laws.

~~~ {.haskell .literate}
-- file Spec.hs
import Test.Hspec
import Test.Hspec.Laws

main :: IO ()
main = hspec $ do
describe "List as a Monoid" $
shouldSatisfyMonoidLaws (undefined :: [Int])

Running this produces a nice spec.

$ runhaskell Spec.hs

List as a Monoid
- is a left identity
- is a right identity

- is associative

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