Test Framework for checking server's status

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BSD3 licensed by Junji Hashimoto

Hspec-Server: Test Framework like ServerSpec for Haskell

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Hspec-Server is test framework for checking server's status. It is inspired by the Ruby library ServerSpec.

Getting started

Install this from Hackage.

cabal update && cabal install hspec-server


Put "with(ServerType)" after hspec's describe-sentence. Currently localhost, ssh , vagrant and docker(>=1.4.1) are supported for ServerType. Examples are below. "@>=" is like hspec's shouldBe. it can check multiple values.

    describe "test for localhost" $ with localhost $ do
      it "package zookeepr" $ do
        package "zookeeper" @>= installed
      it "port test" $ do
        port 2181 @>= listening
      it "service test" $ do
        service "cron" @>= running
      it "command test" $ do
        command "echo" ["hoge"] [] @>=  exit 0 <> stdout "hoge\n"
    describe "test for vagrant" $ with (vagrant "servername") $ do
      it "port test" $ do
        port 2181 @>= listening
    describe "test for docker" $ with (docker "containerId") $ do
      it "port test" $ do
        port 2181 @>= listening



  • Reduce time used by stSetup


  • Add NetworkStatus and function for checking network-reachablity
  • Change ServerStatus-Type to Data.Set ServerStatus' and Remove Sets-type-class
  • Change status data-constructors like Running to lower case functions like running for removing Sets-type-class


  • Support for docker
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