A client library for the spread toolkit

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BSD3 licensed by Andrea Vezzosi
Maintained by Andrea Vezzosi, sanzhiyan@gmail.com
hspread : a client library for spread

hspread is a client library for the Spread toolkit[1].
It is fully implemented in haskell and supports the most recent version
of the protocol. Its aim is to make easier to implement correct distribuited
applications by taking advantage of the guarantees granted by Spread:
such as reliable and total ordered messages. It's intended to be used
with a serialization library like binary[2], and a separate installation
of the spread deamon.


It installs like every other cabal package:
runhaskell Setup configure -- this can fail with missing dependecies
runhaskell Setup build
runhaskell Setup install -- you may need superuser privileges here

Haddock documentation can be generated with:
runhaskell Setup haddock

You can then test it with the spflooder clone under examples/,
not forgetting to have a spread deamon running.


The development version is kept in a darcs repository here:

darcs get http://happs.org/repos/hspread


[1] http://spread.org
[2] http://code.haskell.org/binary
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