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BSD3 licensed by Evan Klitzke
Maintained by Evan Klitzke

Presenting hspresent

This is a simple program that lets you give powerpoint-like presentations in your terminal (for certain definitions of powerpoint-like). It’s extremely basic and unintelligent. Don’t expect much.

Compile and install using cabal: cabal build && cabal install

This will compile hspresent, and install an hspresent command line program.

You can download the latest stable release of hspresent on Hackage. The git repository is online at git://github.com/eklitzke/hspresent.git.


Invoke like hspresent /path/to/your/presentation. Left and right arrow keys move between slides, and hitting q or Ctrl-C quits the presentation.

The file format is really simple right now. Slides are separated by lines consisting of the characters --. You can put the single character . on a line to demarcate a “split” frame. A split frame really creates a new frame with the contents of the previous frame copied at the front (this is similar to how beamer works). That’s it. Here’s an example presentation: the title of the first slide this is . really cool – the title of the second slide hooray for hspresent – look at how fancy the title to this slide is * bullet point one * bullet point two


0.2.1 2009-07-06
- Fix a regression in 0.2.0 where resizing the window didn't cause the
display to be redrawn.
- New feature: if the first character of a frame is #, then the entire frame
will be commented out and not rendered.
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