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BSD3 licensed by Robin KAY
Maintained by komadori@gekkou.co.uk

HsQML is a Haskell binding to Qt Quick, a cross-platform framework for creating
graphical user interfaces. For further information on installing and using it,
please see the project's web site.

Home Page: http://www.gekkou.co.uk/software/hsqml/
Darcs Repository: http://hub.darcs.net/komadori/HsQML


HsQML - Release History

release- - 2018.03.28

* Fixed building with Semigroup/Monoid changes in base 4.11 (GHC 8.4.1).
* Fixed crash if setDebugLogLevel called before other functions.
* Fixed GHCi cbits library install location.
* Changed Setup script to use Cabal 2 API only.
* Relaxed Cabal constraint on 'QuickCheck'.

release- - 2017.09.08

* Added facility for setting Qt application flags.
* Fixed building GHCi objects with Cabal 1.24.
* Relaxed Cabal constraint on 'QuickCheck' and fixed test suite.
* Relaxed Cabal constraint on 'directory'.

release- - 2016.07.21

* Added support for Cabal 1.24 API.
* Fixed linking shared builds against MacOS frameworks (needs Cabal 1.24+).
* Fixed building with Qt 5.7.

release- - 2016.02.24

* Added AutoListModel component.
* Added functions for joining and killing engines.
* Added functions to manipulate Qt's command-line arguments.
* Added exception handler to callbacks.
* Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'filepath', 'tagged', 'transformers',
and 'QuickCheck'.
* Changed runEngineLoop to pass through command line arguments by default.
* Fixed class at same address as deleted class causing inaccessible objects.
* Fixed memory corruption bug prior to Qt 5.2 with workaround.
* Fixed building with Fedora-style moc executable names (non-qtselect).
* Fixed building GHCi objects with GHC 7.10.
* Fixed missing strong reference on engine context objects.
* Fixed missing include breaking compilation with Qt 5.0.
* Fixed switch compiler warnings.
* Fixed imports to support older GHCs.

release- - 2015.01.20

* Added support for Cabal 1.22 API.
* Added facility for controlling the OpenGL context.
* Added defSignal variant with ability to set parameter names.
* Added option for setting the module and plugin search paths.
* Changed Setup script to set QT_SELECT (base >= 4.7).
* Fixed crash resizing canvas in Inline mode.
* Fixed leaking stable pointers when objects are collected.
* Fixed Canvas delegate marshaller to fail on invalid values.
* Fixed discrepancy between kinds of type conversion.

release- - 2014.11.29

* Added function to shutdown the Qt framework.
* Fixed intermittent crash on exit under Linux.
* Fixed reanimated objects being passed to QML as undefined.
* Fixed typo in the names of implicit property signals.

release- - 2014.11.13

* Added OpenGL canvas support.
* Added weak references and object finalisers.
* Added FactoryPool abstraction.
* Added To-only custom marshallers.
* Added Ignored type.
* Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'text'.

release- - 2014.07.31

* Fixed crash when storing Haskell objects in QML variants.
* Fixed corrupted logging output caused by threading.

release- - 2014.06.11

* Added properties with constant annotation.
* Added runtime warning for users of the non-threaded RTS.
* Added non-TH version of Setup.hs.
* Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'transformers'.
* Fixed premature garbage collection of QML objects.
* Fixed intermittent crash on exit when firing signals.
* Fixed crash when using Cmd-Q to exit on MacOS.

release- - 2014.05.04

* Ported to Qt 5 and Qt Quick 2
* Added type-free mechanism for defining classes.
* Added type-free mechanism for defining signal keys.
* Added property signals.
* Added marshallers for Bool, Maybe, and lists.
* Added less polymorphic aliases for def functions.
* Replaced Tagged with Proxy in public API.
* Removed marshallers for URI and String.
* New design for marshalling type-classes (again).
* Generalised facility for user-defined Marshal instances.
* Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'QuickCheck'.
* Fixed GHCi on Windows with pre-7.8 GHC.

release- - 2014.02.01

* Added mechanism to force enable GHCi workaround library.
* Fixed reference name of extra GHCi library.

release- - 2014.01.18

* Added support for Cabal 1.18 API.
* Relaxed Cabal dependency constraint on 'text'.

release- - 2013.11.12

* Added check that MacOS uses primordial thread for event loop.
* Fixed missing upper bound on Qt version constraint.

release- - 2013.10.08

* Added support for firing QML signals.
* Added dynamic object references.
* Added MacOS support.
* Added QuickCheck-based test suite.
* Added envionment variable to control logging.
* New design for marshalling type-classes.
* New API for Engine management.
* Relaxed Cabal dependency constraints.
* Fixed linking problem on some Linux systems.
* Fixed support for non-threaded RTS.
* Fixed various object lifetime issues.
* Fixed crash in property marshaller.
* Fixed crash in logging code.

release-0.1.1 - 2012.09.11

* Fix running test suite on Windows.

release-0.1.0 - 2012.09.10

* Initial release.
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