HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris http://www.gekkou.co.uk/software/hsqml/

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BSD3 licensed by Robin KAY
Maintained by komadori@gekkou.co.uk

HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris


HsQML Morris - Release History

release- - 2016.02.11

* Added change log.
* Relaxed constraint on deepseq package.

release- - 2014.11.13

* Added new class of object to represent game pieces.
* Added Marshal instance for Player.
* Changed accessor methods to be constant properties.
* Changed to replace PosListObj with native lists.
* Changed to define class for context object inline.
* Relaxed dependency on text and removed unused dependency on tagged.
* Fixed board to scale correctly with the window.
* Fixed missing first part of two step animation.

release- - 2014.05.04

* Ported to HsQML 0.3 API and Qt Quick 2.
* Renamed package to hsqml-demo-morris.
* Added threading option to cabal file.
* Fixed infinite loop when AI player cannot move.
* Fixed crash bug in Qt prior to 5.3 with workaround.
* Fix name of Paths module.

release- - 2013.10.08

* Ported to HsQML 0.2 API.
* Moved AI processing to a separate thread so as to avoid hanging the UI.
* Changed cabal file to point to hub.darcs.net for repository.
* Relaxed constraint on tagged package.

release- - 2012.09.10

* Initial release.
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