Sticky notes example program implemented in HsQML http://www.gekkou.co.uk/software/hsqml/

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BSD3 licensed by Robin KAY
Maintained by komadori@gekkou.co.uk

This sticky notes program using HsQML was introduced in my November 2014 talk
to the London Haskell User Group. The 'hsqml-notes' executable can be passed
an argument to specify which QML front-end to use:

notes - Stardard UI (default)
notes-pro - Alternative UI using Qt Quick Controls
notes-flip - Standard UI with flipable double-sided notes
notes-dual - Standard and alternate UI displayed simultaneously

Home Page: http://www.gekkou.co.uk/software/hsqml/
Darcs Repository: http://hub.darcs.net/komadori/hsqml-demo-notes/
Issue Tracker: http://trac.gekkou.co.uk/hsqml/


HsQML Samples - Release History

release- - 2015.06.17

* Added faster multi-threaded version of the demo.
* Renamed original version hsqml-notes-slow.

release- - 2014.11.29

* Initial release.
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