Tradeking API bindings for Haskell

Latest on Hackage:0.1.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed
Maintained by Travis Athougies

This is a Haskell binding for the TradeKing developers API (https:/developers.tradeking.com).

It currently supports retrieving quotes and stock information, as well as the quote and trade streaming API.

Support for the other TradeKing API endpoints is forthcoming.

To use, install the package via cabal. This will create an executable called tradeking. To connect to the TradeKing API, you will need to create a new personal application from the TradeKing developers site. This should give you four strings: an OAuth consumer key, an OAuth consumer secret, an OAuth Token, and an OAuth Token Secret. You supply these into the tradeking application using a configuration file (either `$(HOME)/.tradeking` or `etctradeking.conf`). This configuration file should look like:

consumer-key = <tradeking consumer key>
consumer-secret = <tradeking consumer secret>
oauth-token = <tradeking oauth token>
oauth-token-secret = <tradeking oauth token secret>

Now you can run `tradeking quote SPY` to have it return the current quote for the S&P 500 ETF. `tradeking info MSFT` will provide information on Microsoft, and `tradeking stream MSFT` will provide a live stream of MSFT quotes. All commands accept more than one stock, so `tradeking quote MSFT AAPL`, `tradeking info MSFT SPY`, and `tradeking stream SPY AAPL` work as expected (subject to TradeKing) limits.

You can also request quotes programmatically, using the API described here.