A library for testing correctness of pseudo random number generators in Haskell.

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MIT licensed by Nikita Kartashov

HTestU is a library for testing correctness of presudo random number generators (PRNGs) written in Haskell. HTestU uses a library TestU01 based on a paper "TestU01: A C Library for Empirical Testing of Random Number Generators" by P. L'Ecuyer and R. Simard. Basically HTestU performs a wrapping of a member of the RandomGen typeclass (any reasonable PRNG can be made a member of it) and feeds a wrapped generator into a C library which calls the wrapped generator to fill the buffer with pseudo random numbers and then perform tests on the generated numbers. HTestU offers three batteries: smallCrush, crush and bigCrush (as they were specified in TestU01 paper) and a number of streaming functions which allow one to wrap the PRNG differently for the purpose of testing different patterns of PRNG usage.

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