Display/logging facilities used by both htsn and htsn-import.

Latest on Hackage:0.0.2

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GPL-3 licensed by Michael Orlitzky
Maintained by Michael Orlitzky

This library contains three modules,

  • Network.Services.TSN.Logging

  • Network.Services.TSN.Report

  • Network.Services.TSN.Terminal

They work together to provide "reporting" for the htsn and htsn-import executables which both display and log things in the same way.

The Network.Services.TSN.Logging module allows the application to log to syslog, a file, or both. Four convenience functions are provided to log messages at each priority: error, debug, info, and warn.

The Network.Services.TSN.Terminal provides similar functions that instead display messages on the console (terminal). The output is color-coded according to the severity of the message.

The Network.Services.TSN.Report modules contains convenience functions that both log and display informational message. This is what an (optionally interactive) application will usually want to do.

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