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GPL licensed by Deniz Dogan
hunp (written in all lower-case, pronounced like "hump", previously written with
an umlaut (hünp)) is a small tool which automagically extracts anything you pass
to it, the way you want it. It recognizes a bunch of different file extensions,
such as rar, gz, zip, etc. and can easily be customized using your own
configuration file.

Here are a few examples which should give you the idea...

$ hunp ~/download/lollerskates.tar.gz
Found ~/download/lollerskates.tar.gz
Calling "tar zxvf ~/download/lollerskates.tar.gz"

$ hunp ~/download/Lollerskates.S01E03/
Found ~/download/Lollerskates.S01E03/lol.s01e03.r00
Calling "unrar x ~/download/Lollerskates.S01E03/lol.s01e03.r00"

-q --quiet suppress hunp's stdout
-Q --stfu suppress hunp'sstdout and stderr
-d --default prints the default configuration
-v --version prints the version

You can use your own configuration by creating the file ~/.hunp/hunp.conf. The
file format is pretty simple and you can get a good start by running "hunp -d >
~/.hunp/hunp.conf", which will put the default configuration in that file.

** Format
The configuration file needs to be on the following format:
reg1,reg2 command
reg3 command
reg4,reg5,reg6 command

"regX" means a regular expression (Perl-compatible) and command is any command
that you would normally execute in the shell to unpack a file matching one of
the corresponding regular expressions. The regular expressions are read
left-to-right, top-to-bottom and will stop on the first match. Each command
should contain %s as a whole word, i.e. no quotation marks or other stuff is
allowed around it. Note that the delimiter between regular expressions and
commands is a literal tab character. It is allowed however to use more than one

unrar x '%s' <- invalid
unrar x %s <- valid
unrar x %s> hello <- invalid

- None.

Get the latest git repository:
$ git clone git://

If you're not interested in the bleeding-edge version of hunp, just
use cabal-install:

$ cabal install hunp


Changelog for hunp

Version 0.1:
* Added user configurability in ~/.hunp/hunp.conf
* Added options -q (quiet), -Q (stfu), -v (print version) and -d (print default
* Fixed the only known bug, which prevented the program from killing its
subprocesses properly
* Dropped the umlauts in the name, so now it's simply "hunp", yet still
pronounced "hump"

Version 0.0:
* First release of hünp
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