A program for the button on Reddit.

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MIT licensed
Maintained by Taylor Fausak


A Haskell program for the button on Reddit.

Use hutton to automatically press the button whenever you want. In the mean time, it will display information about the button. Install it with:

$ cabal install hutton

Use it like this:


For example:

# Automatically press the button when the timer is at 10 seconds or less.
$ hutton 10 taylorfausak secret
Logging in...
Logged in.
    cookie = ...
    modhash = ...
Getting query parameters...
Got query parameters.
    h = ...
    e = ...
Connecting to WebSocket...
Connected to WebSocket.

60	787780	2015-04-19 18:10:24 UTC	b444ecb98ce9a2786df8fbe5eabd6ef960daaae9
59	787780	2015-04-19 18:10:25 UTC	76bbd3f085f3c7ec335bd0e5b7ad085d082ffcb5
58	787780	2015-04-19 18:10:26 UTC	75a5631e8a7d8c86964f746113e7a12dd4f9585e
# Columns:
#   1. Timer
#   2. Number of pressers
#   3. Timestamp
#   4. MAC


Change log

v1.0.0 (2015-04-19)

  • Initially released.

v0.0.0 (2015-04-13)

  • Initially created.
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