A pen notetaking program written in haskell http://ianwookim.org/hxournal

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BSD3 licensed by Ian-Woo Kim
Maintained by Ian-Woo Kim

notetaking program written in haskell and gtk2hs


0.5: 12 Dec 2011
* First public release. basic pen operation, eraser operation, rectangular selection and file operations are implemented

0.5.1: 16 Dec 2011
* Use of configuration file '.hxournal'. Enable Use X Input menu. Dependency on xournal-parser and xournal-render is restricted to 0.2.0.* only
* checking gtk+-2.0 using pkg-config

0.6: 18 Dec 2011
* pdf background support. Annotate PDF menu is activated. preloading pdf background images

0.6.0: 19 Dec 2011
* some bug fixes (temporary yet) related to automatic scrollbar disappearing. Check when new, open, annotate pdf if xournal file is not saved yet.

0.6.1: 25 Dec 2011
* undo/redo support, double buffer rendering while scrolling

0.6.2: 15 Jan 2012
* layer support

0.6.3: 24 Jan 2012
* refine rendering while selection and scrolling. highlighter is implemented. Resizing selected strokes implemented

0.6.4: 6 Feb 2012
* lasso selection, continuous page view.

0.6.5: 12 Feb 2012
* pen button support, pen pressure support, using faster xoj parser

0.6.6: 28 Feb 2012
* scripting support, zoom in/out implemented. page functions are implemented
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