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BSD3 licensed by karky7


Converter between Full-width Japanese and Half-width Japanese

This module ported Python's zenhan library, similar to the
"zenhan" library found in pypi:



Installing from Hackage with stack is straightforward:

> stack install

or gentoo emerge from gentoo-haskell overlay

> layman -a haskell
> emerge dev-haskell/hzenhan


Let's see an example.

> {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
> import Text.Zenhan
> import Data.Text (pack, unpack)
> main :: IO ()
> main = do
>   let h = h2z [Kana, Digit, Ascii] \"A\" \"ABCd\\\\「」アイウエオ123\"
>       z = z2h [Kana, Digit, Ascii] \"Bエ\" h
>   putStrLn $ toString h
>   putStrLn $ toString z
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