Find the repository from where a given repo was forked

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MIT licensed by Noon Silk
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Takes a repo name, and looks up the upstream repository. If there is an upstream repository, writes it to standard out. Otherwise writes nothing.


noon@dev> infer-upstream -r scirate3 -u silky

Another usage:

noon@dev> cd scirate3 noon@dev> git remote add upstream infer-upstream --using-cwd

A more interesting usage (and the reason I wrote this) is to use the script. It performs the following task.

For all folders in a given directory:

  • go into each one,
  • if it is a github repo,
  • look up the upstream repo,
  • if we find it,
  • set it as a new remote.


noon@~> cd dev noon@dev> git clone noon@dev> infer-upstream/ ...

With upstream set on your repos, you can then run, if you like, which will bring down any incoming changes and give print out a short summary.


noon@dev>infer-upstream/ fetching upstream for Javascript-Voronoi ... 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)


  • This script assumes every folder in the ~/dev directory is the clone of a

Github repository. Github currently limits you to 60 unauthenticated API requests per hour*; this approach uses one API request per folder.

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