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BSD3 licensed by Austin Seipp
name: infinity
synopsis: a small, pluggable, configurable irc bot in haskell
desc: infinity is an IRC bot written in haskell that is
designed to be extendable and modifiable. it is
inspired largely by don stewart's (or should I
say #haskell's?) lambdabot.

== installation ==
see INSTALL for more information

== usage ==
standard usage is like so after being built:
$ ./infinity

infinity is now operational. :)

== configuration ==
please see Config.hs

== bugs, patches and feedback ==
if you have identified any bugs in infinity, have any patches
for commands/bugs you would like to submit, or you would like
to give feedback, simply send all these to:
austin at youareinferior dot net

darcs send is naturally the preferred way to transfer patches :)

- austin s, 2007
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