web-interface for iptables http://iptadmin.117.su

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BSD3 licensed by Evgeny Tarasov

web-interface for iptables with PAM authorization


iptadmin 1.3.4 19.05.2013:
* Get rid of ptmpl utility, simplify building
* Migrate to github

iptadmin 1.3.3 29.12.2012:
* Allow '_' character in name of user chain

iptadmin 1.3.2 28.10.2012:
* add --no-daemon option to run on centos 5

iptadmin 1.3.1 23.10.2012:
* fix cabal description - add missing files to a hackage tarball (again)

iptadmin 1.3.0 22.10.2012:
* Add https support
* Add dialog for configuring ipv4 forwarding
* Fix js error related to inserting iptables rule
* Fix frontend markup for firefox 16
* Update dependenicy list: base-4, happstack-7, blaze-markup-0.5

iptadmin 1.2.1 17.09.2011:
* Add static files to iptadmin.cabal and source tarball.

iptadmin 1.2.0 17.09.2011:
* Add jquery-ui dialogs and background requests.
* Improve appearance.
* Upgrade code to Happstack 6.

iptadmin 1.1.0 07.09.2011:
* Display counters in show page.

iptadmin 1.0.1 14.07.2011:
* Add command line options --version, --help.
* Syslog logging.
* Daemonize properly.
* Check that iptadmin is run under root.

iptadmin 1.0.0 05.07.2011:

* First public release.
* Program core.
* Minimum iptables-helpers library.
* Minimum pam bindings library. Pam authorisation.
* Prototype for edit pages.
* Add support of several iptables rules parameters.
* Add support of user defined chains.
* Handle user defined chains in nat table.
* Main show page prototype.
* Protect user from denying access to iptadmin interface.
* Rule verification.
* Project web site.
* Binary distribution and few rpm packages.
* The simplest init script.
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