Generic pattern predicates

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BSD3 licensed by Víctor López Juan

Generate predicates of type (t → Bool) from constructors or patterns of type t. Uses either Template Haskell or instances of Generic or Typeable. Generating predicates from arbitrary patterns requires TH.



2018-02-16 Víctor López Juan <>
* Version 0.4.1
* Make compatible with GHC 8.2.2

2017-02-01 Víctor López Juan <>
* Version 0.4
* Add stack support
* Test for GHC 7.8.4, 7.10.3, 8.0.1
* Compile with -Werror

2014-11-23 Víctor López Juan <>
* Version 0.2
* Declare predicates from constructors of a data type

2014-11-20 Víctor López Juan <>
* Version 0.1
* Implement functions 'is(Not)?P?'
* A few test cases
* Short documentation
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