A brick Widget for selectable summary of many elements on a terminal

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BSD3 licensed by Kevin Quick
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This module provides a brick Widget that can be used with the brick package to handle situations where there are lots of items to represent to the user along with a corresponding state for each item. One example of where the itemfield would be used is if there are too many elements to reasonably show in a List widget, if those elements are divided into groups, and if some status needs to be shown for each element.

In addition, the user can use the cursor keys and space bar to mark one or more items (presumably so other code can get the list of marked elements and perform a state-changing operation).

There are two example programs built when the examples flag is True (the default): bookcase and workreport. Running these applications should give a better idea of what the itemfield widget is and how it can be used.


Series 1

  • – enable widget caching and invalidation with Ctrl-R invalidate all
  • – documentation updates; separate changelog file.
  • – added brick 0.17 compatibility
  • – added brick 0.16 compatibility
  • – added stack.yaml for using itemfield with stack
  • – added compatibility for GHC7.10
  • – added compatibility for older distributions
  • – intermediary state is “Pending”
  • – add support for ‘s’ and ‘f’ keys and mouse events
  • – update from vty-ui to brick

Series 0

  • – add + key selector to select all successful targets
  • – rename from StateFieldSelector to ItemField
  • – more key events: G=toggle group, A=toggle all, !=mrk bad; add helpMsg
  • – more key events: Shift+Arrow to mark/unmark with move
  • – initial version
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