Iteratee-based I/O

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BSD3 licensed by Oleg Kiselyov, John W. Lato
Maintained by John W. Lato
This library implements enumerator/iteratee style I/O, as described at


This library uses the Hackage/Cabal build system. You will need a working
Haskell compiler and appropriate build system. This is most easily met
by installing the Haskell Platform. The following command will install
the library:

cabal install iteratee

This library is pure Haskell, and should install on any system with a suitable
Haskell compiler with no extra steps required. In particular, POSIX-compatible,
Mac OSX, and Windows should all be supported.


This library supports the following cabal flags:
splitBase (default enabled): use the split-up base package.

buildTests (default disabled): build a test executable.


-The Data.Iteratee.IO.Posix module is only available on Posix systems.

-The Data.Iteratee.IO.Windows module is currently a stub. Currently only the
standard Handle interface is available on Windows.

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