Write once concurrency primitives.

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MIT licensed
Maintained by Bertram Felgenhauer

What is this?

ivar-simple provides immutable, write-once variables (IVars) in the Data.IVar.Simple module.

It also provides two more experimental channel implementations built on top of IVars,

  • Data.IVar.Simple.IChan: multi-cast channels with write-once semantics.
  • Data.IVar.Simple.MIChan: channels with write semantics similar to Control.Concurrent.Chan

Comparison to data-ivar

Both data-ivar and ivar-simple provide a write-once variable. That's where the similarities end:

  • Reading an IVar with data-ivar is an IO operation. In ivar-simple it's a pure function.
  • data-ivar provides a Reader monoid, monad, etc. for reading from one of several IVars. ivar-simple has no such functionality.
  • The data-ivar implementation can, in principle, add arbitrary IO actions that are called when an IVar is written. (This detail is not exposed, however)
  • Technically, ivar-simple tries for efficiency by exploiting the existing locking structures in the RTS; in particular, reading a full IVar for a second time is as cheap as evaluating a record selector. (I have no performance numbers for this.)


0.3.2 (2015-10-29)
* add Eq instances for `IVar` and `MIChan`

0.3.1 (2015-07-02)
* fix building with ghc 7.8

0.3 (2012-07-24)
* change NonTermination to a custom BlockedIndefinitelyOnIVar
exception, and require base >= 4. (using NonTermination leads to
<<loop>> messages)

0.2 (2012-07-23)
* change BlockedIndefinitely exception (gone since ghc 7.0) to
NonTermination (2009-06-03)
* depend on base < 5 instead of base. (2009-01-11)
* make Data.IVar.Simple.tryWrite exception safe
(noticed by Chris Kuklewicz) (2009-01-11)
* initial version
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