DEPRECATED Bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit

Latest on Hackage:0.1.1

This package is not currently in any snapshots. If you're interested in using it, we recommend adding it to Stackage Nightly. Doing so will make builds more reliable, and allow to host generated Haddocks.

MIT licensed by Philipp Balzarek
Maintained by not maintained

This package has been DEPRECATED and will not be maintained by the author.

This package contains known bugs:

  • Function pointers are not freed after use

Low level bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit ( )

This package provides bindings to the functionality providet in the jack.h include file and should be sufficient to write a fully functional client

For now, please refer to the Jack documentation for a complete description of the api.

Depends on 2 packages:
Used by 1 package:
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