Higher level functions for linear algebra. Wraps BLAS and LAPACKE.


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LicenseRef-GPL licensed by Christian Gosch
Maintained by Christian Gosch

NOTE: Hackage does not know LAPACKE, therefore jalla and the documentation are not built there. You can find its documentation at http://www.goschs.de/jalla.

Jalla aims at providing high level functions for linear algebra computations which should be fast and easy enough to use. Under the hood, BLAS and LAPACKE are used (LAPACKE is a standard C interface to LAPACK which is part of LAPACK since version 3.4).

The modules Numeric.Jalla.Matrix and Numeric.Jalla.Vector are probably the most useful ones for users. Everything under Numeric.Jalla.Foreign is basically wrapping stuff.

Currently, I am adding new functions whenever I find some time. Please help, if you want to! There are not many tests yet, and we need some nicer error reporting (nicer than exceptions).