Extends Text.JSON to handle literal JS objects. https://github.com/jonathankochems/json-litobj

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BSD3 licensed by Jonathan Kochems

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This module extends Text.JSON to enable the decoding of strings containing literal JS objects. In particular, it relaxes the restriction that fields in JSON objects must be strings.

For example:

  • JSON conformant:

{ "foo" : "bar" }

  • literal JS object:

{ foo : "bar" }


The haddock documentation can be found on hackage.


I wanted to parse JSON responses from various websites with Text.JSON. Unfortunately, I ran into parsing errors due to literal JS objects included in the answer strings. Since literal JS object are not really part of the JSON format I started this module to work around this problem.


If you feel that this module is missing something useful which should be part of a more ``permissive'' JSON parsing please consider a contribution.

To contribute:

  1. fork this repository
  2. create a feature branch
  3. commit and push your code to your feature branch
  4. create a pull request to this repository
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