Client for the Kattis judge system. https://github.com/davnils/katt

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BSD3 licensed by David Nilsson

Unofficial CLI client for the Kattis online judge system (currently in BETA).

Written in a git-like fashion, it supports automatic downloading of test cases, easy submissions, and more.

Basically a problem is initialized as follows (creates a directory and downloads any available test cases):

> katt init hello
> cd hello

Source files, problem names, and language identification is handled automatically when submitting solutions:

> vim hello.java
> katt submit
Made submission 4712
Accepted: 1 of 1 test(s) passed

There is also built-in support for problem sessions, which initalizes all problems in the problem list.

Get started by downloading a .kattisrc config from the official site, make sure you have the haskell platform installed, then run cabal install katt.

Please note that the beta release is limited to C, C++, Java, and Haskell. It also only supports running on unix.

Changes since last release:

  • Support for Haskell submissions

  • HTTP client replaced with wreq

  • Improved code readability

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