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BSD3 licensed by Ivan Perez
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This package contains a general definition of Reactive Values and several useful combinators. A reactive value is a typed mutable value with access properties and change propagation. Access property can be read-only, read-write or read-write.

How an RV is actually implemented, and when and how change propagation is executed is dependent on each RV. For instance, Gtk widget properties would normally use the standard event-handler installers to implement change propagation, whereas pure Haskell values might fork a thread (or not) and propagate changes asynchronously.

RVs can be created from pure models (see keera-hails-mvc-model-lightmodel and keera-hails-mvc-model-protectedmodel), Gtk+/WX/Qt/HTML DOM/Android widget properties/event handlers/getters/setters, files, sockets, FRP networks. Other backends are also available. See keera-hails for a list of available backends, tutorials, etc.

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