Parser and writer for KiCad files.

Latest on Hackage:0.5.0

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MIT licensed by Kaspar Emanuel

Haskell KiCad Data

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Parse and write KiCad data (currently .kicad_mod files only).

This library is tested with QuickCheck to ensure it can parse whatever it outputs. The parser is also fairly regularily checked against over 38,000 kicad_mod files currently part of monostable/kicad_footprints. The resulting output of these parsed files is then checked with KiCad scripting to make sure they are still valid.


$ cabal repl
*Data.Kicad.PcbnewExpr> let pad = parse "(pad 1 smd rect (size 1 1) (at 1 1) (layers F.Cu))"
*Data.Kicad.PcbnewExpr> pad
Right (PcbnewExprItem (PcbnewPad {padNumber = "1", padType = SMD, padShape =
Rect, itemAt = PcbnewAtT {pcbnewAtPoint = (1.0,1.0), pcbnewAtOrientation =
0.0}, itemSize = (1.0,1.0), padLayers = [FCu], padAttributes_ = []}))
*Data.Kicad.PcbnewExpr> fmap write pad
Right "(pad \"1\" smd rect (at 1 1) (size 1 1) (layers F.Cu))"

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This project is MIT licensed but one dependency is licensed under GPLv3 thus the GPLv3 applies to the project as a whole.


Version 0.5.0

  • Add support for *.Fab layers
  • Add support for die_length pad attribute
  • Fix issue with comment character output
  • Simplify s-expression parser (now supports all KiCad s-expression formats)
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