A library to emulate laceholders similar to Scala.

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BSD3 licensed by Matthew Mirman
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lambda-placeholders is a Haskell library to emulate the placeholders feature of Scala.


  • Placeholders in Scala act similar to those used in category theory.
  • Rather than create a lambda or name a function, an underscore is used in place of a parameter and the function is abstracted over that location.
  • This placeholders library doesn’t use underscores, rather it leverages similar capabilities found in TupleSections.
  • A description of Scala placeholders can be found here.


module Main where 
import Language.Placeholders

foo (a,b,c) = a + b + c

curried_foo = foo.$.(2, , )

main = do
    putStrLn $ show $ curried_foo 4 5
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