LambdaCms 'core' subsite for Yesod apps

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MIT licensed by Cies Breijs, Mats Rietdijk, Rutger van Aalst
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Provides functionality that all other lambdacms-* packages depend on. This package provides a Yesod subsite containing the basic functionality of a CMS’s admin section and all code that is shared between the admin sections of extensions.

Please refer to the main README of LambdaCms for instructions on how to use this package and what LambdaCms extensions are.


All code in this repository is released under the MIT license, as specified in the LICENSE file.


Change log


  • Fix authentication

  • Small change to API

  • Use GHC 7.10 with Stackage nightly-2015-07-09
  • Use Stack

  • Fixes compilation issues with LTS Haskell 2.x

  • Fixes action logging to also work outside of LambdaCms.Core

  • Fixes broken package

  • Initial upload to Hackage
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