A prototypical 2d platform game.

Latest on Hackage:0.6.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Daniel Trstenjak

A prototypical 2d platform game

Player Controls

left/right arrow key = moving left/right
space/up arrow key   = jumping
tab key              = switch layer
q/escape key         = exit game


-e --editmode             Start layers in edit mode
-l --loadlevelsfrom=FILE  Load levels from file
-s --savelevelsto=FILE    Save levels to file (default='LayersData.hs')
-h --help                 Display help message
-v --version              Print version information

Edit Mode

a key = add new level after the current one and switch to it
A key = add new level before the current one and switch to it
n key = goto next level
N key = goto previous level
m key = move current level after the next one
M key = move current level before the previous one
l key = reload current level
s key = save levels to file specified by '-s'
r key = remove game object under mouse cursor
p key = place a star at mouse cursor position
e key = place an enemy at mouse cursor position
u key = start changing path of platform/enemy under mouse cursor,
        define path points by moving the mouse and clicking
        left mouse button, press 'u' again to end path definition

left mouse button + ctrl  = move game object under mouse cursor
                            (hold mouse button pressed)
left mouse button + shift = resize platform under mouse cursor
                            (hold mouse button pressed)
left mouse button         = define new platform by holding the
                            button pressed and moving the mouse
mouse wheel               = change scale of orthographic projection
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